Daftar Alamat Outlet Masterban Sumut

(1) Masterban HM Yamin – Jl. Prof HM Yamin No. 271 BC Medan – Hp: 0811-6146-571
(2) Masterban Setia Budi – Jl. Setia Budi No. 98 Medan – Hp: 0811-6146-573
(3) Masterban SM Raja – Jl. Sisiangamangaraja No. 43 Medan – Hp: 0811-6146-572
(4) Masterban Sutomo – Jl. Sutomo Ujung No. 148 Medan – Hp: 0811-6146-574
(5) Masterban Yos Sudarso – Jl. Yos Sudarso No. 201 Medan – Hp: 0811-6146-576
(6) Masterban Wahidin – Jl. Wahidin No.76C/324 Medan – Hp: 0811-6146-581
(7) Masterban Tembung – Jl . Besar Tembung No. 47 Pasar VII – Hp: 0811-6146-583
(8) Masterban Kapten Muslim 1 – Jl. Kapten Muslim No. 236C Medan – Hp: 0811-6146-577
(9) Masterban Kaptem Muslim 2 – Jl. Kapten Muslim No.88B Medan – Hp: 0811-6146-584
(10) Masterban Karya – Jl. Karya No. 117B Medan – Hp: 0811-6146-578
(11) Masterban Karya Jaya – Jl. Karya Jaya No. 80C Medan – Hp: 0811-6146-579
(12) Masterban Karya Wisata – Jl. Karya Wisata No. 1 Medan – Hp: 0811-6146-580
(13) Masterban Jamin Ginting – Jl. Jamin Ginting No. 90 Medan – Hp: 0811-6146-582
(14) Masterban Binjai – Jl. T Amir Hamzah No. 6-7 Binjai – Hp: 0811-6146-575
(15) Masterban Platina Raya – Jl. Platina Raya No. 96 Titipapan – Hp: 0811-6146-585
(16) Masterban Delitua – Jl. Delitua No.32 Delitua – Hp: 0811-6146-586
(17) Masterban Marelan – Jl. Marelan Raya Pasar. II Marelan – Hp: 0811-6146-587
(18) Masterban AR Hakim – Jl. AR Hakim Medan – Hp: 0811-6146-588
(19) Masterban Klambir V – Jl. Klambir V Medan – Hp: 0811-6146-589
(20) Masterban Pancing – Jl. William Iskandar No. 129A Medan – Hp: 0811-6146-590
(21) Masterban Marindal – Jl. Dusun I Desa Marindal I – Hp: 0811-6146-591
(22) Masterban Tanjung Morawa – Jl. Dahlan Tanjung Tanjung Morawa – Hp: 0811-6146-592
(23) Masterban Rakyat – Jl. Rakyat No.471 B Medan – Hp: 0811-6146-593
(24) Masterban Lubuk Pakam – Jl. Bakaran Batu No.58 Lubuk Pakam – Hp: 0811-6146-594
(25) Masterban Setiabudi 2 – Jl. Setiabudi Medan – Hp: 0811-6159-745
(26) Masterban Binjai 2 – Jl. Letjend Jamin Ginting Rambung Bar, Binjai – Hp: 0811-6146-595
(27) Masterban Ayahanda – Jl. Ayahanda Komp, Ayahanda Townhouse No. A-5 Medan – Hp: 0811-6146-566
(28) Masterban Mesjid – Jl. Mesjid No. 148 Medan – Hp: 0811-6164-564
(29) Masterban Limau Manis – Simpang Kayu Besar Limau Manis, Pasar 13 Tanjung Morawa – Hp: 0811-6148-403
(30) Masterban Laut Dendang – Jl. Perhubungan No. 50 Tembung Percut Sei Tuan – Hp: 0811-6180-735

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